Dom Perignon P2 – Sydney Launch Event

Dom Perignon’s P2 offering is based around the concept of “Plénitudes”, the idea that the unique characteristics of their vintage champagnes are formed through a process of “successive windows of expression” rather than in a consistent, steady ageing process.

P2 is the second Plénitude of Dom Pérignon, the result of 16 years of elaboration… The energy of the wine is at it’s peak.

We were tasked with covering the launch of Dom Pérignon P2 in Australia at an exclusive event attended by some of Australia’s leading Luxury and Lifestyle media as well as clients of the brand.

The intimacy of the event required a very subtle approach to filming so that guests remained uninterrupted. An approach that we generally take to every event regardless.

Client: Moet-Hennessy
Role: End to end Production